Monday, 17 September 2012

NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled and SharePoint User Profile Service Application

NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled  property is set for every UPA (User Profile Service Application). By default this property is set false. We need to enable NetBios Domain Names for UPA when Domain Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN/DNS) is different then NetBIOS name.

Now the question araises how do we check whether the DNS and NetBIOS names.

Open Active Directory Users and Computers, right click and choose Properties.
you will see the below properties.

1 is your DNS/FQDN and 2 is your NetBios Domain Name.

If you dont have access to your domain Active Directory you can get the information using PowerShell command.

To find FQDN

To find NetBIOS name
Get-ADDomain -Identity "YourFQDN"
Now if you find that DNSRoot and NetBIOSName properties are not same then before synchronizing your UPA enable the NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled.
Below is the PowerShell command to enable the import of NetBios Domain Names.
(lists the Service Applications and their GUIDs)
$UPA = Get-SPServiceApplication –Id <GUID of User Profile Service Application>

Then start the UPA synchronizartion.

Hope this help!!
Isha Jain


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