Monday, 1 October 2012

Internal server error in SharePoint search

When running SharePoint search  I stuck with the error saying nothing but Internal Server error.
After much hit and try I found that below steps helped me in solving the error.

  • Restart the SharePoint timer services/ IIS/ SharePoint Search service / Restart Server
  • Enable "Search Server WebParts" feature on the Site Collection level.
  • Run the "Search and Process" Timer Job
  • Make sure your search service application is associated with right proxy! (Go to Application Management >> Select Configure service application associations under the Service Application heading >>Select the default Application, select Your sevice app, Then click on set as default)
  • ensure that the "SharePoint Server Search" and "Search Query and Site Settings Service" services are running
  • Verify your AAM Settings
  • ensuring that the application pool is assigned correctly
  • Remove and reinstall the search application